Board of Supervisors Agenda – June 30, 2016

Notice of Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Wayne County, Iowa

Time: 9:00 AM | Date: Thursday June 30, 2016 | Place: Board Room Courthouse, Corydon, Iowa

Tentative Agenda

  1. 1. 9:00 AM Open Meeting – Roll Call
  2. 2. Consistent Items/Regular Agenda
  3. 3. Year End Business
  4. 4. 10:00 A.M. Robert Whitacre/ Manure Management
  5. 5. 11:00 A.M. Laurie Bestgen AMEC Foster Wheeler
  6. 6. Bill Byrns/EMC//E911
  7. 7. Chariton Valley RC&D
  8. 8. Beer Bus Application
  9. 9. Secondary Road
  10. 10. Declaration to be added to Agenda
  11. 11. Public Comments ( 10 min. Limit)
  12. 12. Recess/Discussion

The undersigned does hereby certify that the foregoing notice was delivered via e-mail the to the Wayne County Newspapers in Corydon, Iowa, on the 27th day of June 2016, at 1:45 P.M., they being the only news media who has filed a request for notice. Notice was also given by posting the foregoing notice of meeting on the bulletin board just inside the main or west entrance to the Wayne County Courthouse, and by posting the same in another prominent place easily accessible to the public by taping the notice itself to the “Board of Supervisors” sign on the wall immediately outside the door to the office of the Board of Supervisors in the Courthouse on the main floor of the Courthouse in the City of Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa.

All of the above being done at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting of the Board of Supervisors referred to in the notice.

/s/Sue Ruble
Wayne County Auditor
Clerk to Board of Supervisors