Monday, January 15th – Martin Luther King Day
Monday, February 19th – Presidents Day
Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 4th – Independence Day
Monday, September 3rd Labor Day
Monday, November 12th – Veterans Day
Thursday & Friday, November 22nd & 23rd – Thanksgiving
Monday Dec. 24th, Tuesday Dec. 25th & Closing at 2:00 pm on Dec. 21st
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 – New Year’s Day


Office Directory


Brandon Carpenter, Assessor | Phone: 641-872-2663 | Website
Dixie Ahrenkiel, Clerk


Alan Wilson | Phone: 641-872-2054


Tammy Clark | Phone: 641-872-2242 | Website
Michelle Dooley, Deputy Auditor
Beth Freeman, Clerk

Board of Supervisors

David Dotts, Chair | Phone: 641-872-2221
John Sellers, Duffy Kester


Clerk of Court

Traci Tharp | Phone: 641-872-2264
Rhonda Ewing, Judicial Specialist 3
Cindy Shelley, Judicial Specialist 3

Conservation Director

Bonnie Friend | Phone: 641-873-4670 | Website
Kenny Banks, Technician

Emergency Management

Bill Byrns | Phone: 641-872-2024


Gary Bishop, Interim Engineer | Phone: 641-872-2025
Dan Carpenter, Assistant to Engineer
Denice Gradeless, Office Manager
Jeff Boyce, Engineering Technician

Environmental Health

Dave Rhodes | Phone: 641-872-1903

New Venture Home

Linda Fain, Administrator | Phone: 641-872-1254

Public Health

Sharon Rash, Administrator | Phone: 641-872-1167


Angie Horton, Recorder | Phone: 641-872-1676 | Website
Rita Arnold, Deputy Recorder


Keith Davis, Sheriff | Phone: 641-872-1566
Sheryl Dotts, Civil Secretary
Mike Lewis, Chief Deputy
Garrett Abel, Deputy
Tyler Moore, Deputy


Kim Swearingen, Treasurer | Phone: 641-872-2515 | Website
Amanda Cooper, Deputy Treasurer
Laura Henderson, Deputy Treasurer

Veterans Affairs

Joella Perry | Phone: 641-872-3943

Wayne County Community Services

Mendy Middlebrook | Phone: 641-872-1301
General Relief
Mental Health | Website

Wayne County Development

Denise Becker, Executive Director | Phone: 641-872-1536 | Website

Wayne County Housing and Grants

Denise Becker | Phone: 641-872-1536